Metallic dragons in D&D

DND metallic dragons

In the expansive world of Dungeons & Dragons, the dragons reign supreme as legendary and awe-inspiring creatures. Among these majestic beasts, metallic dragons hold a special place, known for their wisdom, nobility, and their penchant for aiding mortals. In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, there are five primary metallic dragon types. However, there exist numerous other fascinating metallic dragons, each with its unique characteristics and lore.

In this article, we will delve into the realm of metallic dragons, exploring not only the well-known types but also shedding light on some lesser-known variants from previous editions. We'll also provide answers to common questions about these magnificent beings, revealing the captivating world of metallic dragons in D&D.

Are metallic dragons good or bad?

Morality isn't black and white, and this complexity extends to metallic dragons as well. While they are generally considered to be among the forces of good, it's essential to understand that they are not without their own unique quirks and complexities.

Metallic dragons are often seen as defenders of justice, champions of virtue, and protectors of the innocent. They value honour, compassion, and the well-being of the world, making them natural allies of good-hearted adventurers. These dragons are known for their wisdom and intellect, often providing guidance and knowledge to those who seek it.

However, like all creatures, metallic dragons are individuals, each with their own personalities and beliefs. Some may take their commitment to good to the extreme, becoming zealous and uncompromising in their pursuit of justice. Others might adopt a more relaxed and tolerant approach, focusing on co-existence with other races and creatures.

What are the 5 metallic dragons in D&D?

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, the metallic dragons constitute a majestic and diverse family of creatures. There are brass, bronze, copper, silver, and gold dragons.

Brass metallic dragon

Brass metallic dragon

Credit: Johan Grenier

Brass dragons are truly exceptional beings, renowned for their convivial and sociable nature. Their reputation as consummate conversationalists and master storytellers precedes them. These dragons find genuine delight in the presence of other creatures and are particularly talkative. Their ability to engage in discussions spans a vast array of topics, thanks to the extensive knowledge they've amassed over centuries.

With serpentine forms adorned in polished, gleaming scales of deep coppery brilliance, brass dragons exude a radiant lustre when basking in the sunlight. These majestic beings possess formidable wings that enable flight, although they often prefer gliding on thermals and warm updrafts.

Their formidable breath weapon takes the form of a scorching gust of fiery breath, capable of inflicting substantial damage upon adversaries and serving as a potent deterrent against potential threats.

Brass dragons favour arid, desert regions as their habitat, where they can luxuriate in the sun's warm embrace and observe their surroundings. These dragons often establish nests within concealed desert caves or caverns, where they amass treasures and cherished items of personal significance. In these domains, brass dragons coexist with an array of creatures, including genies and desert-dwelling races.

Embracing interaction with mortal beings, brass dragons frequently assume humanoid forms, making it easier to engage comfortably in social exchanges. Their willingness to impart wisdom knows no bounds, provided the recipient exhibits receptivity and an eagerness for amicable conversation.

Bronze metallic dragon

Bronze metallic dragon

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Bronze dragons are celebrated for their honourable and noble nature. They are often commended for their unyielding commitment to justice and their strong sense of duty. As staunch proponents of fairness and righteousness, bronze dragons exhibit a deep-seated desire to protect the vulnerable and uphold moral values.

These magnificent creatures sport sleek, elongated bodies adorned with scales that shimmer in exquisite shades of blue-green and metallic bronze. Their sinuous forms are complemented by impressive wings, enabling them to take flight with grace and power.

Bronze dragons wield a formidable breath weapon - a bolt of lightning that can be unleashed upon adversaries. This potent ability serves as a powerful deterrent against potential threats, allowing them to maintain order and protect those in need.

Bronze dragons often make their homes near coastlines, where they can bask in the comforting embrace of the sea breeze and survey their surroundings. These noble beings establish nests in hidden underwater caverns, where they collect treasures and mementos of profound personal significance. Bronze dragons also share their aquatic domains with other creatures, cultivating friendships with merfolk and aquatic races.

These dragons wholeheartedly engage with mortal beings and are known to assume humanoid forms to facilitate comfortable social interaction. Their wisdom is freely shared, provided the recipient demonstrates an earnest receptivity and a willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Copper metallic dragon

Copper metallic dragon

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Copper dragons, enigmatic and charming, are renowned for their playful and whimsical nature. These creatures embody a unique blend of curiosity and a mischievous spirit, finding delight in the wonders of the world and the joy of exploration. They have an exceptional talent for entertainment, with their tales and antics bringing laughter and amazement to all who have the privilege of encountering them.

With a serpentine form covered in gleaming, tarnished scales that take on a rich copper hue, copper dragons stand out as striking beings. Their lithe bodies are complemented by expansive wings, granting them the ability to soar through the skies with elegance and agility.

Intriguingly, copper dragons possess a unique breath weapon - a cone of debilitating gas that can incapacitate opponents. This ability, while not destructive, serves as an effective tool to deter threats and resolve conflicts.

Copper dragons typically choose to dwell in hilly or rocky terrain, where they can indulge in their love for the natural world and engage in unbridled exploration. They establish lairs within hidden caves or labyrinthine tunnels, where they amass an eclectic assortment of treasures and curiosities. Copper dragons are also known to share their abodes with earth-elemental creatures and subterranean beings, fostering harmonious relationships.

Silver metallic dragon

Silver metallic dragon

Credit: Thai Trieu

Silver dragons, renowned for their noble and compassionate nature, are among the most revered beings in the world of D&D. These majestic creatures embody the virtues of wisdom, kindness, and altruism, dedicating their lives to protecting and guiding the people of the world. They are seen as benevolent guardians and revered for their wisdom and sense of justice.

Silver dragons possess a sinuous and graceful form, adorned with radiant scales that shimmer like the purest silver. These gleaming scales reflect the light in mesmerizing ways, creating an aura of beauty and splendour. With powerful wings, they navigate the skies with grace and majesty, often appearing as ethereal spectres among the clouds.

The breath weapon of a silver dragon is a potent cone of icy-cold breath, capable of freezing adversaries in their tracks. This formidable ability serves as both a deterrent and a means to swiftly neutralize threats.

Silver dragons are typically drawn to remote and frigid regions, where they can survey their domains and interact with the inhabitants of these isolated lands. They establish their lairs within hidden glacial caves or ice caverns, safeguarding precious treasures and relics within. Silver dragons often share their domains with other arctic creatures, cultivating bonds with creatures of the frozen wilderness.

Gold metallic dragon

Gold metallic dragon

Credit: Marina Kleyman

Gold dragons, the paragons of metallic dragons, are revered as the most powerful and noble creatures in the realm of D&D 5e. Their presence is an embodiment of unparalleled goodness and wisdom, and they stand as symbols of hope, justice, and righteousness. Among the metallic dragons, gold dragons are considered the epitome of their kind due to their immense power, age, and unwavering commitment to good.

A gold dragon possesses a majestic and awe-inspiring form, characterized by resplendent scales that shimmer with a radiant golden hue. These scales reflect the light in such a way that they seem to emit a divine, celestial glow, creating an aura of regal splendour. With mighty wings that command the skies, they exude an air of authority and grandeur.

Gold dragons, as the most powerful among the metallic dragons, are driven by an unyielding dedication to justice and the protection of all that is good. They are wise beyond measure, possessing an intricate understanding of morality, honour, and the forces that shape the universe. Gold dragons actively involve themselves in the affairs of mortals, guiding heroes and thwarting evil plots. Their presence alone can inspire hope and courage among those who strive for righteousness. The breath weapon of a gold dragon is a fearsome cone of searing fire.

Gold dragons often make their lairs in remote and idyllic locations, such as pristine mountain peaks or serene valleys, where they can keep a vigilant watch over the land and its inhabitants. Within their sanctuaries, they safeguard priceless treasures and artefacts of profound significance. Gold dragons often share their domains with other benevolent creatures, forging alliances and nurturing harmony.

These majestic beings are known to assume humanoid forms to interact with mortals directly, imparting their wisdom and guidance to those who seek their counsel. Gold dragons are revered as wise mentors and guardians, embodying the principles of goodness and benevolence in their purest form. In D&D 5e, they truly stand as the most powerful and noble of the metallic dragons, upholding the highest ideals of virtue and justice.

What other metallic dragons are there?

For a substantial portion of D&D's history, the five metallic dragons; brass, bronze, copper, silver, and gold; stood as counterparts to the five chromatic dragons. This alignment of dragons in terms of good and evil made for a neat narrative symmetry.

However, with the advent of D&D's 4th edition, there were some changes. Iron and adamantine dragons were swapped for brass and bronze respectively, and in later books, several new metallic dragons were added. These aren’t part of 5th edition, but they’re interesting to learn about. These are: cobalt, mercury, mithral, orium, and steel dragons.

Cobalt metallic dragon

Cobalt metallic dragon

Credit: Howard Lyon

Cobalt dragons are enigmatic creatures known for their striking midnight blue scales, which glisten with an otherworldly sheen. Among their unique abilities is the capacity to exhale a breath weapon composed of pulsing, nearly imperceptible energy. These dragons exhibit a rather foul temperament, mirroring the irascible nature often associated with their metallic counterparts.

In the complex hierarchy of metallic dragons, cobalt dragons occupy a unique role. While they may be prone to fits of temper and volatility, they maintain a subservient position within the hierarchy, yielding to the authority of Bahamut. This intricate web of relationships and allegiances among cobalt dragons adds depth and intrigue to their already captivating lore.

Secretive and recluse, they are rarely encountered on the surface. They typically set up their lairs deep underground such that they can’t be bothered by interlopers, inhabiting a labyrinthian maze which is heavily trapped.

Mercury metallic dragon

Mercury metallic dragon

Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Mercury dragons, characterised by their remarkable agility and relatively modest size compared to their draconic brethren, are whimsical beings known for their ever-changing decisions and capricious nature. These dragons begin their lives with dull silver scales, but as they mature, their scales transform into a gleaming, mirror-like finish, reflecting the world around them.

In the realm of combat, mercury dragons wield a unique array of abilities. Their primary breath weapon manifests as a scorching line of superheated yellow light, capable of searing through adversaries with incredible precision. As these dragons reach adulthood, they unlock an additional attack, harnessing their unique ability to reflect light upon their foes. This act transforms the targeted enemy into a dazzling burst of radiant brilliance, leaving them temporarily blinded and disoriented.

Mercury dragons are enigmatic combatants, often proving unpredictable in battle. However, there is one principle they adhere to steadfastly: they will never initiate hostilities against creatures aligned with goodness unless provoked. During skirmishes, these dragons rely heavily on their spellcasting prowess, demonstrating a remarkable knack for discovering new and inventive ways to employ their magical arsenal. This adaptability and resourcefulness make mercury dragons formidable adversaries, their combat strategies as unpredictable as the shifting mercury from which they draw their name.

Mithral metallic dragon

Mithral metallic dragon

Credit: Kerembeyit

Mithral dragons, among the most exceptional and elusive of their kind, hold a distinction as the pursuers of Io's ultimate vision. While they have chosen to establish their realm amidst the celestial expanse of the Astral Sea, dwelling in proximity to gods and angels, their designs and schemes often draw them into interactions with entities of the mortal realm. The pursuit of their own ambitions remains paramount to mithral dragons, a relentless quest that knows no bounds, and they show little mercy to those who dare obstruct their path.

Mithral dragons possess a unique perspective, their minds infused with visions of alternate dimensions and distant epochs. Anchored within the Astral Sea, these creatures transcend the boundaries of mortality, their longevity guaranteed unless they meet their demise on the battlefield. Their connection to the Astral Sea imbues them with immortality, ensuring that their presence and influence will persist throughout the eons.

Orium metallic dragon

Orium metallic dragon

Credit: Netarliargus

Orium dragons, majestic and enigmatic, carve out their dominion amidst lush jungles and rainforests, dwelling amidst the remnants of ancient, long-forgotten civilizations. Within the vibrant canopy of the jungle, these creatures play the roles of both monarch and visionary architect. Their purpose: to resurrect the glories of empires lost to time and lay claim to the dormant magic of bygone eras. Under the watchful gaze of the orium dragon, lesser beings are compelled to toil ceaselessly, working to restore the splendours of past civilizations.

To those fortunate enough to find themselves under the orium dragon's guardianship, they experience a ruler both wise and unyielding. The dragon's guidance is marked by a profound sense of purpose, tempered with the recognition that the road to greatness is often a treacherous one. Yet, those who dare to challenge the dragon's aspirations soon discover the full extent of its power. With a breath that carries the corrosive essence of orium, they are met with a relentless, unforgiving force. This same breath, when summoned by the dragon's will, coalesces into a spectral serpent, a vengeful entity that strikes at the bidding of its formidable master.

In the heart of the jungle, amidst the sprawling ruins of bygone civilizations, the orium dragon's ambitions continue to unfold, intertwined with the tangled vines of the rainforest. Its reign endures, casting an indelible shadow upon the verdant tapestry of the jungle, as it tirelessly strives to rebuild the empire it envisions.

Steel metallic dragon

Steel metallic dragon

Credit: Delowar

Steel dragons, with their feline-like bodies and human-esque faces, exude an aura of mystery and sophistication. These creatures are masters of disguise, often preferring the form of humans over their own true nature. Their scales, reminiscent of burnished steel, glisten with an otherworldly allure. You may find them blending seamlessly into human society, masquerading as scholars, sages, or wizards. With a boundless curiosity about the cultures, arts, and politics of other beings, steel dragons immerse themselves in the lives of mortals, all while keeping their identity a closely guarded secret.

When a steel dragon enters the world, its scales are adorned with deep blue-gray hues, gradually transitioning into the luminous sheen of polished steel as it matures. In their human form, these dragons always retain a distinctive steel-gray feature, whether it be their hair, eyes, nails, or even a subtle adornment like a ring or tattoo. If you were to encounter one in its natural form, you would immediately sense the aroma of wet steel in the air.

Unlike their chromatic counterparts, steel dragons find little comfort in cavernous lairs. Instead, they favour human abodes such as grand mansions or castles. Such dwellings must include a secure strongroom to house their ever-growing hoards. Preferring to dine in their human guise, steel dragons regularly visit their hunting grounds in their true form. These sojourns, justified by their assumed roles in society, typically go unnoticed.

Steel dragons covet treasures suitable for their human appearances, favouring portable riches like fine jewellery, coins, and magic items. They hold a deep disdain for those who disrupt the harmony of cities or despoil natural landscapes. When disturbances arise within urban centres, steel dragons often delegate the task of maintaining order to local authorities. However, when justice must be swiftly served in more remote regions, these enigmatic beings do not hesitate to take matters into their own claws, ensuring a swift restoration of peace and balance.

Common questions about metallic dragons

As the majestic and enigmatic metallic dragons roam the realms of Dungeons & Dragons, they often spark curiosity and intrigue among both seasoned adventurers and newcomers to the game. In this section, we'll delve into some common questions about these magnificent creatures, shedding light on their origins, characteristics, and their place in the lore of D&D.

Is Bahamut a metallic dragon?

Yes, Bahamut is a metallic dragon in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. He is often referred to as the Platinum Dragon and is one of the most revered and powerful metallic dragons in D&D lore. Bahamut embodies the noblest qualities of metallic dragons, such as wisdom, benevolence, and a strong sense of justice.

He is considered the counterpart to Tiamat, the five-headed queen of chromatic dragons. Bahamut is known for his role as a protector of the innocent and a champion against evil, making him a symbol of hope and righteousness.

How many platinum dragons exist?

In the lore of Dungeons & Dragons, Bahamut is the only known platinum dragon to exist. However, the specific number of platinum dragons in a campaign world is ultimately determined by the Dungeon Master.

What is the friendliest metallic dragon?

Silver dragons are considered the friendliest metallic dragons. What sets silver dragons apart is their genuine fondness for humanoid races, particularly humans and elves. They are known for their amiable and sociable nature, which makes them quite approachable. Unlike some other metallic dragons who actively pursue noble causes or protect specific domains, silver dragons typically do not go out of their way to bring justice to the world. Instead, they enjoy the simple pleasures of life, one of which is human dining.

These dragons love to indulge in the company of mortals and often use their alternate-form ability to live among these races. This unique trait allows them to experience life from a humanoid perspective and foster strong bonds with those they cherish. So, while silver dragons may not be the most vigilant protectors or the most zealous champions, their warm-hearted and companionable nature makes them some of the most approachable and friendly creatures in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Why do metallic dragons hate chromatic dragons?

The animosity between metallic dragons and chromatic dragons is due to their starkly opposing natures and values. Metallic and chromatic dragons stand on opposite ends of the moral spectrum. The former embodies traits like honour, kindness, and a desire to protect and nurture life. They often engage in noble causes, defend the innocent, and actively seek to better the world around them.

On the flip side, chromatic dragons are known for their malevolence, greed, and destructive tendencies. They frequently terrorise and dominate weaker creatures, accumulating wealth and power for their own gain rather than the betterment of the world.

These clashing moral compasses lead to frequent conflicts between the two dragon types. Metallic dragons view chromatic dragons as threats to the world and its inhabitants due to their destructive tendencies. In contrast, chromatic dragons see metallic dragons as meddlesome interlopers who interfere with their ambitions for domination and accumulation of treasure.

Who is the mother of the metallic dragons?

There isn’t a ‘mother of metallic dragons’. In D&D lore, Io is the chief deity worshipped by dragons, and is the god of dragonkind, balance, and peace. It is said that Bahamut and Tiamat were made from his death, with the intention of being complements and mates, but their personalities were too much at odds.

Can a metallic dragon become a dracolich?

Only ancient and adult dragons can become dracoliches. Because liches are generally considered to always be evil, it is rare that a metallic dragon would become a dracolich, but it is possible; for example, a particularly narcissistic metallic dragon may choose to become a dracolich to escape mortality, but they do this with the knowledge that they sever all ties to their kin and the dragon gods.

Metallic dragons in Dungeons & Dragons bring a touch of grandeur, wisdom, and valour to the tabletop. While their origins may be shrouded in mystery, their impact on the world of D&D is undeniable. Whether you're a Dungeon Master crafting epic quests or a player seeking allies, these majestic dragons offer a rich tapestry of storytelling possibilities.

Now you know all there is to know about metallic dragons, why not read our guide on gem dragons and discover the secrets of these powerful crystalline creatures.

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