Best gifts for Dungeons & Dragons lovers

D&D gifts under Christmas tree

Do you have a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast in your life, and you're on the hunt for the perfect gift to light up their gaming adventures? Whether it's for a special occasion like Christmas, a birthday, or just a surprise to show your appreciation, we've got you covered.

In this guide, we'll explore a treasure trove of gift ideas that will delight any D&D lover, from the seasoned dungeon master to the eager newcomer, and add a touch of magic to their tabletop escapades.

The best gifts for DND players

We've assembled a range of gift ideas that cater to every facet of the game. These handpicked gifts encompass a variety of aspects that make the game so enchanting and offer an opportunity to enhance the experiences of DND players.

Rubber duck dice

Yellow rubber ducky dice

Add a touch of whimsy to their dice collection with our rubber ducky dice set. Available in a variety of playful colours, they're a quacking gift idea.

Glow in the dark dice

Glow in the dark DND dice

Our glow in the dark dice will add a mesmerising fusion of colours and luminosity to your gaming sessions. To unleash their full brilliance, be sure to 'charge' them using a light source such as a torch or UV light.

D20 dice necktie

DND dice neckties

Add a crit to the outfit of the D&D fanatic in your life with our D20 dice neckties. Nerdy and tasteful, they are available in a range of classic colours to suit any occasion.

Metal DND dice

Metal dragon shield dice

Metal dice have quickly become a popular type of dice, because they are more hefty and often produce a satisfying jingle when they're rolled.

Liquid core dice

Liquid core dragon eye dice

Our liquid core dice sets are sure to catch attention, as the eyeballs within move around within the dice, making every roll a spectacle.

Dice trays

DND hexagon dice trays

These small, lightweight, and stylish dice trays help keep dice safe, so you can worry less about dice falling off the table and focus more on the epic adventures that await. Our dragon dice trays are available as both a square folding dice tray, or as a slightly larger hexagon dice tray.

Dice scroll of rolling

DND Dice scrolls

A dice scroll is a portable accessory that keeps your dice safe so you can transport them around. When you're ready to make those important rolls, they unravel to create a flat surface to help you on your tabletop adventures.

Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly

Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly

The household staple of board games, Monopoly, is a must-have for D&D fans seeking a unique take on the traditional board game.

D&D notebooks

DND dragon notebook

For those who love jotting down notes, thoughts, and ideas, consider a D&D-themed journal. Whether they're using it for work, leisure, or, of course, keeping meticulous D&D campaign notes, there's a journal to match their style and preferences.

Gifts for a Dungeon Master

Dungeon Masters are the architects of epic adventures, the storytellers who weave the tapestry of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. If you're searching for gifts to celebrate the creative genius in your life who guides players through a world of imagination, we’ve got you covered.

D&D sourcebooks

DND sourcebooks

There's a wide array of D&D sourcebooks, everything from the Dungeon Master's Guide for new DMs, to Hoard of the Dragon Queen and other pre-written adventures.

DM screen

Dragon DM screen

A DM screen helps give the Dungeon Master some privacy, keeping prying eyes away from their secret notes and resources. Whether it be an official DM screen, or an artisanally-crafted one, there are lots of different designs available.

Still not convinced? Check out our guide that explains why a DM screen is worth it.

D&D miniatures

Tiamat minifigure

Minifigures, or miniatures, help the DM more accurately represent the monsters you'll face on your adventures. You can buy miniatures pre-made and ready to paint, pre-painted, or if your DM has a 3D printer there are loads of D&D miniatures online.


D&D battlemats

A battlemat is a flat surface showing either a plain grid, or an environment, on which your DM can visualise a combat encounter. There are lots of different designs and types available to suit any encounter.

Virtual content

Virtual tabletop

If your DM uses virtual content, or your group plays online, there are plenty of options to show your appreciation. Popular virtual tabletops like Roll20 and Foundry offer gifting options. If they use D&D Beyond, you can gift them content via their gift system, or if they enjoy homebrew content you could gift them something from DM's Guild. Finally, you could gift them other types of software to help them craft their D&D campaigns, such as Wonderdraft; a map-making tool.

Gifts for online D&D players

In a digital age where adventurers come together from all corners of the virtual realm, finding the perfect gift for your online D&D players can be challenging. If you know their physical address, our previous sections offer a cornucopia of tangible gifts to enhance their tabletop or Dungeon Mastering experiences. For those instances where you lack a physical address or wish to surprise them virtually, we've got some creative ideas up our sleeves.

Hero Forge giftcard

Hero Forge character

Online platform Hero Forge allows users to create and share their own characters, allowing users to purchase 3D printed miniatures of their characters too!

Character art

Curiosity and Iridis

For those players that have a special bond with their character, you could get some art commissioned to commemorate the epic tales they've been a part of. There are lots of places where artists advertise their services, including Reddit. Red Potion Studios are an excellent choice for those looking for dragon-related artwork.

Video games

Neverwinter Nights

For those D&D players that also enjoy gaming, have you considered gifting them one of the many video games like D&D?

DND gifts for couples

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, a wedding, or simply want to strengthen the bond between two avid gamers, these thoughtful and unique gifts will bring an extra touch of enchantment to their shared adventures in the world of tabletop role-playing.

D&D-themed candles

D20 dice candles 

Candles can be made in a range of evocative and delicious scents, but did you know they've also been made in the shape of dice too? There is a wide range of D&D-themed candles available both online and at conventions.

Personalised d20 ring

Personalised d20 rings

What better way to signify the special bond you have with your partner then with a matching set of d20 rings?

Dice soaps

DND dice soaps

The perfect soap for any adventurer, great for cleansing your hands after any quest. Dice soaps are made with a variety of scents and contain mystery dice.

D&D bath bombs

DND dice bath bomb

These D&D bath bombs contain cocoa butter to soften even the hardiest of adventurer's skin, epsom salts to ease the muscles after combat, and dried lavender that even the party's druid would approve of.

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