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Discover precision and style with our range of sharp edge dice. Elevate your tabletop experience with these sleek and sharp dice sets.

FAQs about Sharp Edge Dice Sets

Why do people like sharp dice?

People are drawn to sharp dice for their distinctive pointy design compared to typical dice sets. Additionally, many sharp edge dice sets incorporate liquid cores, adding a unique and captivating element to the overall aesthetic. The subtly larger size further enhances their visual appeal, making them a favoured choice among tabletop gamers.

Are sharp edge dice fragile?

No, sharp edge dice sets are not inherently more fragile than other dice. While they share the same durability as normal round edge dice, we recommend rolling them within a dice tray. This helps prevent potential damage to the dice or your table during those intense sessions of D&D or tabletop gaming.

Between gaming sessions, store them in a separate dice bag to prevent scratching, both for the sharp dice and other types in your collection. This ensures they stay pristine and ready for your next epic adventure.

Are shape edge dice better?

There's a common misconception that sharp edge dice roll fairer than other types. However, assuming your dice are from a reputable source and manufactured carefully without shortcuts, sharp edge dice are just as fair as other types, including metal dice sets. The key to fairness lies in proper production rather than the specific shape of the dice edges.

Why are sharp-edge dice so expensive?

Sharp-edge dice tend to be more expensive then regular round edge dice because of two reasons: the resin used is a higher quality, and the production process is modified to ensure the edges are nice and pointy.