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Dive into enchanting hues with our translucent dice sets. Explore captivating designs and see within the dice for a unique experience.

FAQs about Translucent Dice Sets

What are your most popular translucent dice sets?

Some of our best-selling translucent dice include:

If you’re still not sure which dice to choose, check out our guide that explores things to think about when buying dice. It outlines all the factors you should consider before making that special purchase.

Are translucent dice with inclusions balanced?

Yes, translucent dice with inclusions are typically balanced. The inclusions, often resin-made and lightweight, generally do not affect balance. If you have concerns, consult our guide on testing dice balance with the saltwater test.

Which dice set should I choose for my character or class?

The best dice set for your character or class is a personal choice! You know your character's vibe best. Utilise our filters to match your preferences: filter by dice colour, ink colour, and price range. By doing that, we’re sure you’ll find a dice set that resonates with the essence of your character.

Can I buy individual dice separately?

Our dice are sold in sets of seven, encompassing all the dice needed for D&D and tabletop games: D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, and D20. For additional six-sided dice, explore our d6 dice sets.