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Elevate your gaming table with our D&D accessories. Explore a variety of essentials, from stylish dice holders to more.

FAQs about D&D Accessories

What accessories should I get for my gaming table?

When enhancing your gaming table, your choice of tabletop accessories can make all the difference. Safeguard your precious dice between sessions with our Dragon Hide Dice Bag, capable of securely holding 3-5 dice sets. For seamless rolling at your table, consider our Dice Scrolls - portable scrolls that unravel into flat gaming surfaces, providing a safe area to roll on.

Our Dragon Dice Holders are a must-have for those looking to add a touch of draconic. These holders not only keep a set of dice safe within their grasp but also double as striking ornaments, contributing to the visual pleasure of your gaming space. Elevate your tabletop experience with these carefully curated accessories, combining functionality and aesthetics for an immersive gaming atmosphere.

What’s the best accessory to transport my dice?

For transporting your precious dice, we have several accessories to suit your needs.

If you're a proud owner of numerous dice sets, our D&D Dice Storage Folders are the ideal choice. These folders offer safe and easy storage, accommodating up to 5 sets of seven dice each.

On the other hand, if your dice collection is more modest, consider our Gold Dragon Dice Bags. These velvet-like bags not only exude elegance but also feature the striking yet beautiful shimmering emblem of a dragon, ensuring your dice travel in both style and safety.

Do you have any geeky tabletop accessories?

Absolutely! For those seeking to level up their style, our D20 Dice Neckties are the perfect geek-chic accessory. Adding a touch of crit to your outfit, these neckties are a subtle yet delightful nod to tabletop gaming.

If you're looking to infuse a bit of fantasy into your gaming space, our Dragon Dice Box is a striking choice. With a chromatic dragon sat atop the lid, this accessory not only keeps your dice protected but also serves as a captivating addition to your gaming table, desk, or shelf.

Are there any accessories designed for Dungeon Masters?

For Dungeon Masters managing an arsenal of dice sets, our Dice Zip Folder is the perfect storage solution. This handy organiser ensures your various sets stay neatly stored and easily accessible, providing seamless control over the dice essential for orchestrating epic tales.

Why the need for such a collection? Dive into our guide that explores how many dice a Dungeon Master should have to unravel the secrets behind assembling the perfect dice assortment.