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Explore our range of D&D dice trays, enhancing your tabletop experience. These trays offer a secure space for your dice rolls.

FAQs about Dice Trays

What is a D&D dice tray?

A D&D dice tray is a flat surface designed for rolling dice, providing a safe place for rolls during gameplay. Beyond Dungeons & Dragons, it proves invaluable in various tabletop games, including Wargaming.

Having a dice arena ensures dice are safely contained, preventing unexpected rolls and offering an organised and efficient space for rolling dice in games where the roll of the dice can determine your fate.

Do I have to use a dice tray when rolling dice?

No, you don’t have to use a dice tray, but we highly recommend it! It is an affordable and practical way to safeguard both your dice and gaming surface, and using one is especially crucial with metal dice.

For more information, check out our guide for insights on why a dice tray is worth it for enhanced protection and an overall improved gaming experience.

How does a dice tray work?

A dice tray, like our Square Dragon Dice Trays, is effortlessly user-friendly. Connect the poppers in each corner to create a secure rolling arena for your dice during gameplay.

Once your session concludes, simply undo the poppers, and the dice tray folds down to a flat square - conveniently portable for backpack storage.

Our Scrolls of Rolling serve a dual purpose: a dice storage solution and a rollable surface when unravelled. These scrolls provide ease of use and practicality for both storage and gameplay.

What is the best shape for a dice tray?

The best shape for a dice tray depends on personal preference and how much space you have on your gaming table. Our collection offers a range of shapes, with Square Dice Trays, Hexagon Dice Trays, and the rectangular surface provided by our Dice Scrolls.