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Browse our D6 dice sets, a range of six-sided dice great for wargaming (or for rogues to roll sneak attack).

FAQs about D6 Dice Sets

What are d6 dice?

D6 dice are six-sided dice. A d6 die is cube-shaped with faces numbered from 1 to 6. They are commonly used in various tabletop games and have either numbers or pips on each of their faces.

What size is a standard d6 dice?

The standard size for a d6 die is 16mm, however size can vary based on the specific dice set you’re looking at. Some d6 dice may range from 14mm-18mm, so the optimum size depends on your personal preferences.

Delve into our guide for an in-depth exploration of different dice sizes and considerations.

How many sides does a d6 die have?

A d6 die has six sides, as indicated by the ‘d6’ designation (‘d’ meaning die, and ‘6’ meaning six-sided). Each side is numbered from 1 to 6.

What are d6 dice used for in tabletop gaming?

D6 dice are one of the most common dice used in D&D. A six-sided die is used for determining character stats, calculating damage inflicted by spells or weapons, and
resolving specific class abilities such as sneak attack.

Additionally, wargaming systems like Warhammer 40k and various board games, such as Monopoly, utilise d6 dice for diverse gameplay mechanics and outcomes.