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Explore our alluring range of metal dice sets, a premium alternative for tabletop gaming. Elevate your experience with our stunning metal D&D dice.

FAQs about Metal Dice Sets

Do I have to do anything special to look after metal dice?

To care for metal dice, it's essential to roll them within a tray or dice scroll. Rolling them directly can cause dents or scratches on your gaming table and may chip or shatter glass tables. We strongly believe the dice trays are a must-have accessory, especially when rolling metal dice.

For comprehensive information on storing and caring for metal dice sets, explore our detailed guide that covers everything you need to know.

Do metal dice sets roll well?

Absolutely! Metal dice sets offer a satisfying tactile experience. Their weight, being heavier than other materials used in dice, adds a distinct feel to each roll. Some dice like our Hollow Dragon dice even produce a delightful jingle when rolled.

The precision in the manufacturing process ensures their balance. For an in-depth understanding, delve into our guide that explains how dice are made.

Why are metal dice more expensive than other dice sets?

The higher cost of metal dice compared to other materials, like resin or acrylic plastics, stems from the distinct production process. Most metal dice are crafted from zinc alloy, a pricier material.

However, as the market develops, more affordable options areemerging, making metal dice increasingly accessible. For more information, check out our guide that breaks down the differences between metal dice and plastic dice.

Are metal D&D dice dangerous?

Metal dice are not inherently dangerous if handled safely. While they're safe for use in tabletop gaming, it's advisable not to leave them unattended with young children. Additionally, be cautious to prevent them from rolling off tables, as stepping on metal dice can be painful.

To ensure the safety of your metal dice sets, store them in a dice bag when not in use. During tabletop gaming sessions, roll them within a D&D dice tray to ensure they don’t stray far and to avoid damage to your table.