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For decades, dragons have captured the imaginations of Dungeons and Dragons players, but no two dragons are as iconic as Tiamat and Bahamut. These powerful creatures embody the ultimate clash between good and evil, with Tiamat reigning over the chromatic dragons of the underworld, and Bahamut presiding over the noble metallic dragons from his celestial palace.

With the rising popularity of D&D, the debate over which dragon is the most beloved rages on. And with an ever-expanding range of D&D dice sets, players have more options than ever to express their allegiance to either Tiamat or Bahamut.

To settle this question, we have collected data from across the United States and around the world. Join us on our quest to discover which places are more likely to worship Tiamat and which are more likely to follow Bahamut.

Does the USA favour Tiamat or Bahamut?

Despite the fierce rivalry between the two dragons in the lore of D&D, the two dragons are almost equally popular among players in the US. In fact, Bahamut slightly edges out Tiamat with a slim margin of 60 to 58.

The states where Tiamat reigns supreme

While Bahamut is more popular overall, there are some states that could be called Tiamat strongholds.

North Dakota tops the list, with a staggering 82% leaning towards Tiamat. The midwestern state is known for its rugged badlands and agricultural industry.

Famous for its vast, untouched wilderness, Alaska is second in the list with a 68% preference to Tiamat. Montana takes third place with 66%. Despite being very different in terms of geography and culture, both states share a love for Tiamat over Bahamut.

State Tiamat preference
North Dakota 82%
Alaska 68%
Montana 66%
Vermont 61%
Iowa 59%
Utah 57%
Kansas 57%
Massachusetts 57%
Mississippi 56%
Rhode Island 56%

The states that favour Bahamut

At the top of the list is Wyoming, with a 100% preference for Bahamut. The sparsely populated state, known for its natural beauty and national parks, seems to have a clear affinity for the lawful good deity.

New Hampshire, the state of picturesque landscapes and small-town charm, is second with a 66% leaning. Perhaps Bahamut’s emphasis on justice and order resonates with the Granite State’s values.

Hawaii claims the third place with 61%. While it may seem like an unlikely place for a preference towards Bahamut, perhaps the deity’s lawful good stance aligns with Hawaii’s strong culture and respect for land and people.

State Bahamut preference
Wyoming 100%
New Hampshire 66%
Hawaii 61%
New Mexico 59%
District of Columbia 59%
Maryland 57%
Maine 57%
California 57%
North Carolina 56%
South Dakota 55%

Popularity of Tiamat and Bahamut across the US

Tiamat vs Bahamut US States

Does the world favour Tiamat or Bahamut?

While the gap between Bahamut and Tiamat in the US was small, the worldwide preference for Bahamut is even more significant. Bahamut is clearly the more favoured, with 68 versus Tiamat’s 52.

The countries where Tiamat reigns supreme

Bahamut may be the preferred deity in most countries across the world, but there are some countries where Tiamat holds a significant lead.

St Helena tops the list with a 77% preference for Tiamat. The volcanic island of the South Atlantic Ocean, known for its diverse marine life, seems to have a particular affinity for the goddess of greed and destruction.

In second place is China, with a 74% leaning towards Tiamat. China is a country steeped in rich history and mythology, and is filled with stories of powerful dragons, so it’s possible that Tiamat’s form resonates with the country’s cultural identity.

Kazakhstan follows closely with a 71% preference for Tiamat. The Central Asian country, known for its vast steppes and ancient Silk Road history, holds a preference for Tiamat’s power.

Country Tiamat preference
St Helena 77%
China 74%
Kazahkstan 71%
Belarus 68%
Albania 65%
Croatia 63%
Greece 63%
Russia 62%
Israel 61%
Poland 60%

The countries that favour Bahamut

Taiwan has an impressive 93% preference for Bahamut. The small island nation off the coast of China is known for its technology industry and bustling night markets. Perhaps the country’s emphasis on order and progress aligns with Bahamut.

Saudi Arabia is next, with an 87% preference for Bahamut. The Middle Eastern country is known for its oil wealth and religious significance.

Thailand follows closely with an 85% preference for Bahamut. Known for its vibrant culture, stunning temples, and cuisine, perhaps Bahamut’s lawful good alignment aligns with the country’s deep-seated beliefs in karma and the pursuit of happiness.

The United Kingdom was much closer than the above countries, with a slim 53% preference for Bahamut.

Country Bahamut preference
Taiwan 93%
Saudi Arabia 87%
Thailand 85%
Malaysia 81%
Vietnam 81%
United Arab Emirates 81%
Egypt 81%
Bangladesh 81%
Bolivia 79%
Indonesia 79%

Popularity of Tiamat and Bahamut across the world

Tiamat vs Bahamut world countries


To determine the popularity of Tiamat and Bahamut across the world, we analysed Google Trends data from the past 12 months (03/04/22 to 03/04/23).

Using this data, we identified the states and countries where Tiamat and Bahamut were most popular. We excluded some countries from the study as there was not enough data to draw an accurate conclusion.

Disclaimer: just because a certain place favours Tiamat, it does not mean that its inhabitants are evil, power-hungry beings intent on destruction. This study is not intended to ignite any inter-planar conflicts, rather it has been conducted for fun and is a testament to the enduring popularity of Dungeons and Dragons.

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