Is it more fun being a DM or player in D&D?

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Embarking on a tabletop roleplaying adventure, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player, often leads to one contemplation: is it more fun to be a player or Dungeon Master (DM)? A Reddit poll revealed a near-even split, emphasizing that the answer ultimately hinges on personal preferences.

In this guide, we delve into the distinct joys of being a player and a DM, helping you discover which role resonates more with your gaming spirit.

5 reasons you might like being a player

There’s lots of reasons why you might prefer being a player, but we’ve narrowed it down to five!

1. Ease of entry

The most compelling aspect of being a player is how easy it is. Unlike the DM, you don't need to spend hours and hours crafting intricate stories. Having a character ready and showing up for sessions on-time is your sole task. While taking a few minutes for pre-session preparation can enhance your roleplaying experience, it's not a mandatory requirement. Check out our guide on becoming a better D&D player for more tips.

2. Character journey

Making your own unique D&D character and embarking on epic quests can create memories that last a lifetime. As a player, you have the joy of shaping your character's growth, relationships, and story arc. The emotional investment in your character's journey can be deeply rewarding, and the unpredictability of the narrative adds an element of excitement.

3. Immersive exploration

Being a player means immersing yourself in the game world, experiencing every twist and turn first-hand. You get to explore a meticulously crafted environment tailored to engage and challenge you. The world becomes a canvas for your imagination, with the DM weaving a tapestry of encounters, landscapes, and mysteries for you and your fellow players to uncover.

4. Creative problem-solving

Players have the freedom to devise creative and sometimes wacky solutions to the challenges they encounter. Many DMs embrace the ‘rule of cool’, allowing inventive and entertaining solutions to flourish, adding an element of unpredictability and fun to the game. There’s nothing more fun than finding a unique way to use a spell, or an unorthodox solution to a problem your party is facing!

5. Beginner-friendly start

For those new to tabletop gaming, starting as a player is more straightforward. While understanding the rules and your character's abilities is crucial, it doesn't demand the comprehensive grasp that a DM needs. This makes the player role an excellent starting point for newcomers, allowing them to learn the game mechanics gradually while still actively participating in the unfolding story.

5 reasons you might like being a Dungeon Master

Being a DM might sound daunting, but it’s a thoroughly rewarding adventure in its own right!

1. Creative control

As the Dungeon Master, you wield full creative control over the game and its narrative. Behind the screen, you have the power to shape the world, introduce compelling characters, and orchestrate plot twists. Being the architect of the story allows you to craft an immersive and dynamic experience for your players.

2. Joy of player engagement

Witnessing your group immersed in your game and having fun is an unparalleled joy for a DM. When players are invested in the narrative, care about their characters, or react strongly to pivotal moments, it's immensely satisfying. The emotional resonance of a well-executed, epic moment can leave a lasting impact on both players and the DM.

3. Multitude of roles

For those who enjoy creating characters but seldom get to play them, being a DM provides an outlet to embody numerous personas as NPCs (Non-Player Characters). Whether it's a wise mentor, a cunning villain, or a quirky side character, you get to bring a diverse array of personalities to life within the game that you might not have had the opportunity to. You might also be a DM and play a player character, depending on the circumstances.

4. Skill development

Being a DM isn't just about mastering the tabletop system; it's an opportunity for personal growth. It hones social skills, time management, and group coordination. The art of improvisation is a crucial skill, allowing you to adapt to unexpected player choices. Check out our guide on improvisation skills in D&D.

5. Limitless opportunities

The role of a DM offers limitless opportunities for creativity. There are plenty of online resources to refine your skills, and you can lose yourself in the joy of world-building, storytelling, and experimenting with different game elements. Crafting unique combat encounters, trying out different techniques, and building a rich, dynamic world provide ongoing satisfaction for DMs.

Which is harder: being a player or DM?

Being a DM is generally considered harder. This is because they need to allocate time for prepping sessions, crafting adventures, and managing the game. It's a challenging role but can be deeply rewarding for those who are willing to learn and develop their skills.

You can dive into Dungeon Mastering even if you've never played D&D before. Our guide to DMing if you’ve never played D&D provides valuable pointers to help you prepare for your first game as a DM. Additionally, we offer free resources to assist you in taking those initial steps. Best of luck!

Is it better to be a Dungeon Master or player?

Choosing between being a DM or a player ultimately comes down to personal preferences. There's no one-size-fits-all answer. Consider what you enjoy most in a tabletop campaign before making a decision.

To test the waters of DMing without a significant time commitment, try running a one-shot or a short campaign. It provides a taste of the DM experience without the long-term commitment and the potential of experiencing DM burnout.

If this sounds exciting, check out our guide on how to find a D&D group. It offers insights into connecting with fellow adventurers and initiating your tabletop journey.

For more in-depth advice, our guide to becoming a better Dungeon Master explores a multitude of tips for honing your craft.

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