What to do when the dice roll off the table

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In tabletop gaming, your fate often hangs on the roll of your dice. Every dice roll is pivotal, be it a triumphant critical success or an unfortunate failure. If you're playing in-person, you've likely encountered that puzzling moment when a dice roll takes an unexpected detour off the table.

In this guide, we'll delve into various solutions for handling dice that roll off the table and discuss strategies to prevent this from disrupting your game.

Do dice count if they roll off the table?

In most tabletop games, there aren't predefined rules for this, leaving it to each group's discretion. It's a decision best made before starting your game: should rolls that fall off the table be considered, or must they land on the table to count?

What if the players roll misses the table in D&D?

In tabletop roleplaying games like D&D, there is no official ruling on the outcome when dice fall off the table. This lets groups establish their own conventions - some allow the roll to count, while others insist that it only counts if the dice remain on the table.

What rule is most common?

We were curious to understand players' sentiments on this dice dilemma, so we turned to Reddit, a popular platform where tabletop gamers gather and engage in discussions about their games.

In our poll with 8,712 responses, a clear majority of 79% expressed a preference that dice that roll off the table should not be counted and must be re-rolled on the table.

Results of our Reddit poll

17% of respondents believed that the outcome should count, even if it falls off the table, unless it's unclear or 'cocked' in a way that makes it ambiguous. In such cases, the die must be re-rolled.

Some supported a lenient approach, with 2.5% of respondents deeming any off-table roll as valid and allowing it to contribute to the game's outcome.

A small group, consisting of 131 respondents, expressed the opinion that any dice rolls that fall off the table should result in an automatic failure, regardless of the outcome!

In general, the D&D community insists that your rolls should be on the table for them to be considered valid. The vast majority agrees that the dice must land on the table.

What should you do when dice roll off the table?

When dice roll off the table, there's no official rule for whether they count or not. According to our poll, most players agree that the roll shouldn't count if it's off the table. It's best to discuss and agree on an outcome with your fellow players before starting the game.

Establish house rules before starting your game

Different groups may have different preferences. It’s essential to engage in open and transparent communication with your fellow players before beginning a tabletop game.

Remember, tabletop gaming is ultimately about fostering camaraderie, shared experiences, and creative storytelling. Clear and agreed-upon rules will help remove distractions and can help overcome possible arguments at your gaming table.

Whether you choose to allow off-table rolls or not, communicate this with your players, so everyone can focus on the excitement of the tabletop adventure that awaits them.

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