How to store metal dice

Storing metal dice

Metal dice have become a favourite among tabletop gamers, known for their heft and durability. However, as prized possessions, they need extra care to stay in top condition.

In this guide, we'll answer common questions and give tips on how to store and care for your metal dice, ensuring they stay safe and ready for countless adventures.

How to care for metal dice

To keep your metal dice in great condition, proper storage is essential. Store them in a dry, soft container, like their own separate dice bag or box.

If you need larger storage options, use a foam-lined dice box or another container. Ensure it has adequate padding, preferably with foam or another soft fabric, to protect your metal dice from potential damage.

What should you roll metal dice on?

We strongly recommend rolling metal dice on a dice tray. Dice trays provide a flat, cushioned surface that protects both your dice and your gaming table.

This way, you can spend less time worrying about dice falling off the table and more time enjoying those exciting moments when the dice roll matters most.

Do metal dice damage tables?

Yes, metal dice can damage tables. They can cause dents or scratches in wooden tables and may even crack or shatter glass tables. Avoid rolling your metal dice directly on a table, especially if it's a glass one.

This is the main drawback of metal dice compared to dice made from other materials. However, some people prefer the weight and texture of metal dice, finding them superior to plastic ones. Learn more in our guide: 'Metal vs plastic dice'.

What is the best surface for metal dice?

When it comes to rolling metal dice, a PU leather surface is a fantastic choice. Not only does it protect your gaming table, but it also safeguards your dice.

A square dice tray with dice inside

Above: one of our square dice trays in action.

For more information, check out our guide that explains why dice trays are important.

Another portable solution is a dice scroll of rolling. These not only serve as secure storage for your metal dice but also double as a convenient flat surface for rolling.

If these options aren't available, a large neoprene mat or a cardboard box may suffice. Just be cautious to prevent your metal dice from falling out.

How do you transport metal dice?

Keeping your metal dice in a zipped or drawstring dice bag will keep them safe during transport. We recommend keeping them separate from other types of dice to prevent scratches or chips.

For some ideas, we’ve explored ways to organise and store D&D dice in another guide.

Can you take metal dice on a plane?

Whether you can take metal dice on your travels depends on the laws of the country you’re travelling from and to, as well as any requirements from the airline you are travelling with.

The TSA has confirmed that metal dice are allowed in carry-on bags. Other countries may vary, so it’s best to check before travelling.

Metal skull dice

Above: a close-up of our metal skull dice.

To ensure a smooth travel experience, make sure your metal dice are in a dice bag that is easily accessible within your luggage or carry-on bag. This way, if your bags are inspected, your dice can be easily retrieved and inspected without causing too much of a delay.

Do metal dice scratch each other?

It is possible for metal dice to scratch and scuff each other, especially when mixed with other types of dice like plastic ones. To keep your dice in the best condition, store metal dice separately from other dice.

How to clean metal dice

In most cases, a microfibre cloth is sufficient to wipe away dust, dirt, or grease. However, if your metal dice have stubborn grime that doesn’t come off with a simple wipe, you can use a microfibre cloth with a small amount of mild soap and lukewarm water.

Make sure to dry your metal dice as soon as possible. Leaving them wet or submerging them in water for long periods can cause rust.

Can metal dice rust?

Yes, metal dice can rust, but it's not a common issue if you take proper care of them. To prevent rust, avoid leaving your metal dice in water or wet for long periods.

Generally, if you take care of your metal dice, they shouldn't rust due to the manufacturing process. Find out more in our guide: 'How are dice made?'

How do I check that my metal dice are fair?

If you buy your dice from a trusted seller, you shouldn't worry about balance problems. But if you want to check if your metal dice are balanced, you could do the dice balance test.

Many metal dice are made of zinc alloy, which is quite resistant to saltwater. However, the metal used in dice can differ, so check beforehand as some metals may not be as resistant to saltwater.

Looking to treat yourself to some metal dice?

Metal dice make a fantastic addition to your dice collection. They're heavier than plastic dice, giving them a substantial and satisfying feel in your hand. Plus, they're highly durable, ensuring they'll last through countless adventures.

Bahamut Platinum Hollow Dragon Dice

Above: our Bahamut-themed metal dice.

At Dice Dragons, we offer a wide range of metal dice sets to suit different tastes. If you're thinking about expanding your collection with metal dice, why not take a look at what we offer and treat yourself?

Or, if you're keen to learn more about dice, why not check out our guide that delves into the most popular colours used in dice.

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