How are dice made?

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In the realm of tabletop gaming, the dice that roll across the tables carry with them tales of chance, strategy, and endless adventures. Have you ever wondered about how dice are made, and the ways in which they are manufactured?

Join us on a journey as we unveil how polyhedral dice are made. From conception to the final roll, let's unravel the enchanting dice making process and discover the magic that goes into each die that graces the gaming table.

What material are dice made of?

Dice are made from a variety of materials, with acrylic, resin, and metal being the most common choices. For a deeper dive into the world of dice, check out our guide that explores in more detail the materials D&D dice are made of.

How are dice manufactured?

The evolution of dice manufacturing spans centuries, witnessing a remarkable journey from the world's oldest dice to the contemporary methods employed in today's factories.

Most dice nowadays are mass-manufactured, created in large quantities using advanced machinery and automated processes. This approach ensures precision and consistency, allowing for the production of thousands of dice with uniform shapes and weights.

The process of dice manufacturing is typically done by plastic injection moulding.

How dice are made

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In this process, finished plastic pellets, comprising the polymer and colorants, are melted into raw plastic within a cylindrical chamber by a heated screw plunger. The molten plastic is then forced into a closed mould, where it quickly solidifies.

Some manufacturing processes utilise multiple screws to inject different plastics into the same mould, resulting in multi-coloured dice.

After leaving the mould, dice undergo thorough cleaning to remove imperfections. Paint is then applied to the entire surface of each die, which are then transferred to a tumbling machine. This tumbler (akin to a rock polisher) scrapes off excess paint, leaving paint only in the intended areas where the numbers or pips are.

The final step in dice manufacturing is polishing. This ensures a smooth finish, resulting in consistent and precise polyhedral shapes.

As you could imagine, creating moulds is a crucial step in dice making. The moulds include the design for the pips or numbers, and the creation of these moulds is often one of the most expensive steps in the entire process. This is why you’ll often see ranges of dice with similar numbering fonts across different-coloured dice sets.

Do people make custom dice?

Yes, it’s possible to make hand-made dice! Artisans and avid dice enthusiasts, affectionately known as dice goblins and dragons, often embark on the intricate process of crafting their own dice.

This hands-on approach to dice making transforms it into a passion project, resulting in one-of-a-kind dice sets, usually with sharp edges and captivating stories or themes. Hand-made dice not only embody the creativity of their makers but also introduce a touch of individuality to the gaming table.

How are hand-made dice made?

The journey typically begins with the creation of homemade silicone moulds that capture the intricate shapes and designs envisioned for the dice. Once the moulds are ready, a vibrant palette of resin is poured, left to cure, and eventually freed from its mould.

The process doesn’t end there, though. Meticulous sanding and polishing follow, refining each die’s form and ensuring a smooth finish. Finally, these unique creations are brought to life as their numbers are inked, and once the paint dries, they’re ready to roll on countless epic adventures.

Learn more about how to ink your dice with our guide.

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