6 signs that you are a dice dragon

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Dice dragons and dice goblins are common slang terms you might have heard in the D&D community. But what exactly do they mean, and what makes someone a dice dragon or dice goblin?

In this article, we’ll reveal the 6 definitive signs of being a dice dragon. We will also explore the differences between a dice goblin and a dice dragon, unravelling the subtle nuances of each.

What is a dice dragon?

A dice dragon is a tabletop gamer who has an insatiable need to collect, hoard, and enjoy dice. Just like dragons amass hoards of gold and treasure, dice dragons are drawn to the allure of polyhedral dice of different types, sizes, and colours.

What do you need to be a dice dragon?

There are many signs that you or someone you know might be a dice dragon! Which ones do you relate to? Let us know in the comments!

1. You appreciate many types of dice

A dice dragon appreciates the vast array of Dungeons and Dragons dice available. Whether it is the satisfying weight and feel of metal dice, the captivating designs of liquid core dice, or the budget-friendly plastic dice, a dice dragon appreciates a range of dice.

No matter the material or cost, a dice dragon’s fascination extends to the unique characteristics that make every set of dice special. They may even go as far as to re-ink dice, creating unique designs.

2. You amass an ever-growing dice collection

Their journey to collect dice takes them far and wide, with each new find bringing a sense of excitement and fulfilment. In their relentless search for new dice, they may explore local game stores, attend tabletop conventions, and try their luck with mystery dice bags.

It’s not just about the numbers, though; it’s also about the stories and memories that each die brings.  That said, dice dragons often have a favourite type of dice. You can read more about this in our guide comparing metal versus plastic dice to see which might suit you best.

3. You revel in the sound of dice rolling

The sounds of dice rolling bring immense joy to a dice dragon. Whether it’s the click-clack of plastic dice or the jingle of metal dice, the familiar rattle and tumble of dice is a soothing melody for dice dragons.

It's not uncommon for dice dragons to absentmindedly play with their dice, reliving past triumphs or imagining future successes as they await their call to roll.

4. You engage in dice rituals and superstitions

Often, a dice dragon enjoys dice rituals and superstitions. These might include using a dice tower or dice jails. When a die consistently rolls poorly or fails at critical moments, it finds itself banished to the dice jail.

Praying to the dice gods before making an important roll, carefully selecting dice for specific situations, and acquiring new sets of dice when creating a new character are all examples of the lengths that dice dragons go to in their never-ending quest to appease the dice gods.

5. You meticulously organise your dice

Dice holders, bags, containers, and boxes are essential tools for the dice dragon to organise their dice sets. They might even have a special display shelf to show off their favourite dice, while others are kept safely tucked away.

While some dice dragons enjoy simply collecting dice, others enjoy organising them by the most popular colours of dice or the different materials used in dice.

6. You cherish your unique tastes in dice

A dice dragon’s love for dice knows no bounds. Their interest goes beyond the 7 dice needed to play D&D. They might find themselves drawn to intriguing and unusual dice, such as the d100 zocchihedron.

Their passion for dice extends beyond gaming, seeping into other areas of their life. They take pride in tabletop accessories that complement their dice collection, such as dragon dice holders and dice trays. The most daring dice dragons incorporate this into their personal style, with accessories like the d20 necktie.

How many sets of dice do you need to be a dice dragon?

Although many in the D&D community suggest that at least 5 to 10 dice sets are needed to be called a dice dragon, there is no specific number of sets required. What truly matters is your enthusiasm for dice!

Dice goblin vs dice dragon

In the world of dice, 2 distinct archetypes emerge: the dice goblin and the dice dragon. Both love dice, but their approach to collecting sets them apart.

The main difference between a dice dragon and a dice goblin lies in their attitude towards dice. Dice goblins seek satisfaction in owning many dice, whereas dice dragons find fulfilment in attributes beyond quantity, such as quality, rarity, and uniqueness.

What is a dice goblin?

Dice goblins are players who are obsessed with collecting dice. Affectionately known as shiny math rocks, dice goblins are those D&D players who always turn up to the gaming table with far more dice than they need.

How many dice sets do you need to be a dice goblin?

While you only need one set of dice to play D&D, dice goblins take it further. It's not unusual for them to collect 3, 5, 10, or even more sets of dice, sometimes with duplicates. It's not about a specific requirement; it's about the joy and attitude towards dice that defines a dice goblin!

If you're someone who loves dice, whether you're a dice dragon or a dice goblin, it's crucial to store your dice safely. Find out more in our guide on how to store metal dice.

What is the opposite of a dice goblin?

Some say that a dice dragon is the opposite of a dice goblin. Dice goblins and dice dragons can complement each other - after all, both care deeply about dice. It's just their approach that sets them apart: dice goblins care more about quantity, and dice dragons about quality.

Indulge your inner dice dragon today

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Alternatively, if you’d like to read more, why not explore the fascinating world of dragons? Fantasy literature is teeming with them: from chromatic dragons to metallic dragons and gem dragons, each with its own unique designs, tales, and lore.

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