Six signs that you are a dice dragon

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What is a dice dragon?

'Dice dragon' is a term within the Dungeons and Dragons community used to describe players who possess an insatiable need to collect and hoard DND dice. Similar to how dragons zealously amass hoards of gold and treasure, dice dragons find themselves drawn to the allure of small, polyhedral vessels of chance.

In this article, we will uncover the five definitive signs of being a dice dragon. We will also explore the differences between a 'dice goblin' and a 'dice dragon', unravelling the subtle nuances between the two.

What makes you a dice dragon?

Being a dice goblin or dice dragon means you love to collect lots of dice sets, and you love learning about different types of dice and how dice are made. But what are the six signs that you could be one?

1. You appreciate all kinds of dice

A true dice dragon appreciates the vast array of dice available in the tabletop gaming world. Whether it is the weight and satisfying feel of metal dice, the captivating designs of resin dice, or the budget-friendly plastic dice, you find joy in each and every variation.

No matter the material or cost, your fascination extends to the unique characteristics that make every set of dice special. You may even go as far as to re-ink your dice, creating wonderful and unique designs.

2. You have unique tastes in dice

As a dice dragon, your love for dice knows no bounds, transcending the realm of the ordinary. Your interest extends beyond the seven dice needed to play D&D. You may find yourself drawn to unconventional dice, such as the d100 zocchihedron.

Your passion for dice extends beyond the realm of gaming itself, seeping into other areas of your life. You take pride in accessories that complement your dice collection, such as dice holders and trays. The most daring dice dragons blend this into their personal style, with accessories such as the d20 necktie.

3. You revel in the sound of dice rolling

The sounds of dice rolling brings immense anticipation. Whether it be the click-clack of plastic dice or the jingle of metal dice, each roll creates a symphony that sparks your inner dice dragon.

Your might find yourself drawn to the mesmerising sound of dice rolling even outside of your D&D sessions. The familiar rattle and tumble of dice may become a soothing background melody, a reminder of the adventures that await. It is not uncommon for you to absentmindedly play with your dice, relieving past triumphs or envisioning future successes.

4. You engage in dice rituals and superstitions

The most common ritual is the use of dice jails. When a die consistently rolls poorly, or fails at critical moments, it finds itself banished to the dice jail. Some dice dragons believe that confining these wayward dice teaches them a lesson, while others see it as a way to cleanse their dice for future use.

Praying to the dice gods before making an important roll, carefully selecting dice for specific situations, or acquiring new sets of dice when creating a new character are all examples of the lengths that dice dragons go to in their never-ending quest to appease the fickle dice gods.

5. You organise your dice sets meticulously

As a dice dragon, you understand the importance of keeping your prize dice collection in order. Dice holders, bags, containers, and boxes are essential tools in arranging your cherished hoard. You may even have a dedicated display shelf to showcase your favourite dice, while others are carefully tucked away for safekeeping.

There may be a particular way you organise your collection, whether that be by the most popular colours of dice or the types of dice.

However, some dice dragons find joy in the unbridled collection. For them, a single chaotic tray bears their hoard. Even in seeming disarray, they have an uncanny ability to find the perfect die for any occasion, navigating through the piles of dice with ease. Either way, just like a chromatic dragon, you take pride in growing your hoard more and more, and keeping it organised in some capacity.

6. You amass an ever-growing number of dice

Your journey to accumulate dice takes you far and wide, with each new acquisition bringing a sense of excitement and fulfilment. In your relentless pursuit of new dice, you may scour online communities like r/dice, explore local game stores, or attend tabletop conventions.

Even though you only need one set of dice to play D&D, your collection does not stop there. By quality nor quantity does your hoard know bounds.

It is not just about the numbers, though; it is also about the stories and memories that each die brings. Each die has the potential to shape the outcomes of your adventures, and each bear witness to the highs and lows of your fantasy campaigns.

Dice goblin vs dice dragon

In the world of dice, two distinct archetypes emerge: the dice goblin and the dice dragon. While both share a love for dice, their approaches and attitudes set them apart.

A dice goblin is driven by sheer quantity, collecting as many dice as possible with little consideration for their quality or sentimental value. They derive joy from the act of acquiring new dice, often amassing an impressive hoard.

The dice dragon, on the other hand, embodies the essence of true appreciation and reverence that dice deserve. They understand that each die holds a unique character and history. A dice dragon cherishes every single one of their dice, investing time and effort into selecting new additions that resonate with them and complement their collection.

While the dice goblin revels in the quantity of their dice, the dice dragon finds fulfilment in both quantity and quality. It is this profound devotion and discerning eye for exceptional dice that sets the dice dragon apart.

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Embrace your inner dice dragon today, and explore our wide range of DND dice and accessories. Or, if you want to read up about dragons, check out our guide that explores the metallic dragons of DND 5e.
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